EFI Boot Problems - Windows not starting

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    Jul 31, 2012
    Last week i chose Windows at EFI's Boot Selector screen (ALT after the startup chime), but the screen remained grey and a folder showed up with a flashing question mark.
    I tried everything. Loaded the Bootcamp partition via Parallels... it worked well. I made a repair on the Bootcamp XP with the install disc, but EFI still won't load the Bootcamp partition. But i noticed that if i turn off and on the MBP after having the flashing question mark, the machine starts up the Bootcamp XP until i restart and select the Mac HDD by pressing the ALT key after the chime.

    Anyone familiar with EFI please help me, it's very annoying. What if one day it won't start at all....

    I tried to boot with rEFIt (instelled it on a USB stick), but it says that the Bootcamp partition cannot be started because Apple doesn't support external hard drives. But we are talking about one of the internal HDD partitions. So this is NOT an external drive. How can I tell this my MBP?

    I ran Partition Inspector (part of rEFIt), but I don't know what to do with all this information:

    *** Report for internal hard disk ***

    Current GPT partition table:
    # Start LBA End LBA Type
    1 40 409639 EFI System (FAT)
    2 409640 807813159 Mac OS X HFS+
    3 808077312 976773119 Basic Data

    Current MBR partition table:
    # A Start LBA End LBA Type
    1 1 409639 ee EFI Protective
    2 409640 807813159 af Mac OS X HFS+
    3 * 808077312 976773119 07 NTFS/HPFS

    MBR contents:
    Boot Code: Unknown, but bootable

    Partition at LBA 40:
    Boot Code: None (Non-system disk message)
    File System: FAT32
    Listed in GPT as partition 1, type EFI System (FAT)

    Partition at LBA 409640:
    Boot Code: None
    File System: HFS Extended (HFS+)
    Listed in GPT as partition 2, type Mac OS X HFS+
    Listed in MBR as partition 2, type af Mac OS X HFS+

    Partition at LBA 808077312:
    Boot Code: Windows NTLDR
    File System: NTFS
    Listed in GPT as partition 3, type Basic Data
    Listed in MBR as partition 3, type 07 NTFS/HPFS, active
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    Mar 19, 2012
    Check this support page out on how to fix the Windows chain bootloader.

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