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    So I recently installed Windows 8 on a MacBook Pro 2011 in UEFI, not BIOS emulation. It installed fine on a seperate partition. But, I had driver problems, so I ended up booting back into the mac partition and removing windows. Once I removed the Windows partition, every time I hold down the option key, it still shows 'EFI Boot', even though the Windows 8 EFI partition is gone. When you select it, it comes up with a win 8 recovery thing, which just tells you a code. How can I remove this please? :confused:
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    If you can re-format Partition, then format it as MBR. The format it back to GPT. If you have DATA you need to keep.

    Try this:

    Open Terminal
    sudo -s
    # Enter Password
    sudo mkdir /efi
    sudo mount -t msdos /dev/disk0s1 /efi open /efi
    # Find & Delete these folders /efi/microsoft/boot & /efi/boot/bootx64.efi
    # You only want Apple Folder in EFI Partition

    # Note: if you do not see EFI Microsoft Folder's.
    # Then change disk0s1, "0" needs to be disk # you install Win8.
    # Windows install EFI Boot Folder to 1st GPT partition, it should be here /dev/disk0
    # Regardless if you install Primary partition to Disk 1/2/3/etc...
    # I notice Windows RTM 8 shows error message if you try to install to any other partition than 1st GPT Disk. I don't remember seeing this in Preview Versions, it might have allow you to install to different disk other than 1st.

    Reset PRAM (Hold Option+command+"P"+"R" while you reboot)

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