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    Anyone use Egnyte with a NAS in their home or small office?

    Anyone switch to Egnyte from

    My company is contemplating a switch from to Engyte but would need to purchase the NAS and additional licenses from Egnyte to use the Salesforce integration. The difference in cost between the two is negligible.
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    Bump back to the top to see if anyone back at work see's the thread and can help.

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    no experience with box, but we use egnyte at the office with a netgear nas and it works great. the nas file sync really helps with our internet bandwidth issues. also check out their ipad app, our sales guys love it.
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    Re: Egnyte/NAS vs.


    Using Egnyte's Office Local Cloud feature(NAS Sync), you're:

    -Eliminating bandwidth bottlenecks by reducing the number of simultaneous connections to the cloud from the office.

    -Triplicating your backups by bringing a third copy(Egnyte keeps two) of your data down to another drive that you can physically touch.

    -Free to keep working should internet connection be compromised at the home office.

    -Establishing an auto-lock feature on your network that allows your users to work off the NAS just as they would a traditional file server without overlapping concurrent edits.

    All of this will seamlessly communicate with the data populated in your Egnyte domain from using the SFDC integration. It will maintain permissions automatically pulled from how your Salesforce account is already setup.

    Kingrwac is one of many examples of how versatile Egnyte's HybridCloud solution can be. Feel free to check out our website for more information.

    PM sent with my contact information.

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