Egyptian hieroglyphics in Word for Mac?

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    Feb 5, 2014
    I am editing a book using Word for Mac 2011, and the author uses a lot of Egyptian glyphs (images that are used like letters, as in hierglyphics). But they are showing as English letters, so that the text in the book reads " Egyptian glyphs that depict the image of a wave [J] or waves [d].

    Does anyone know why the letters are showing up rather than the glyph images or know how to change the letters to the glyphs? Thanks.

    Jeff Lindholm
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    The hieroglyphics are a font, most likely. You can't view them because they're not installed on your computer. This is the case with any missing font in a document, your computer would substitute it.

    In order to view the heiroglyphs as the author does, he'd have to send you the font file. Once he does it's very easy to double-click on it in order to install it into Font Book on your Mac. Once you've reloaded the document in question you can then see the correct glyphs.

    Had the author sent you a PDF version you'd be able to view the heiroglyphs without requiring the special font. Perhaps not so easy to edit then, I'm not sure about that.

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