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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Tigercat212, Aug 16, 2008.

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    Aug 6, 2008
    Who here on the forums has the Eikon Fingerprint Scanner for Mac? If you do, please read my post and respond.

    1. Is there a fairly easy leaning curve or does it take a while to learn?
    2. Can you set it so it automatically enters different passwords for different websites?
    3. Would you recommend using a long password when you have the scanner because you do not have to actually enter the password?
    4. Can you set your own preferences so you only have it scan for a fingerprint when you log into OSX and not when the system wakes up?
    5. Is it a sturdy device? Does it break easily?

    I have been looking on many websites for reviews/impressions on the Eikon Fingerprint Scanner and how it performs with Macs. I am thinking of buying it from Amazon but I have looked at the reviews and now I am a bit worried that I will buy it and it will not work properly. There are 5 star reviews such as this one:

    "Finally!!! A bulletproof fingerprint reader for the Mac!!!

    I've always envied my PC friends when it comes to biometric options... until I got my Eikon.

    Now, whenever the authentication screen on the Mac pops up, I get Eikon's fingerprint auth screen instead and I can just swipe my finger and go on my merry way. Their programmers also adopted the Mac minimalist ethic and implemented the Protector Suite consistent with the Mac "it just works!" experience.

    They've been also very proactive and have continued updating their Mac software solution. v1.2 just came out June 25, (FYI, v1.0 came out Feb 2008), and UPEK continues to improve Protector Suite. In the latest iteration, they now even display the icon and the name of the app requesting authentication. Nice!

    Upek is also very responsive. I was pleasantly surprised when they contacted me when I sent some suggestions thru their support webform"

    But, there are also very negative reviews such as this one:

    I don't know how well this works with Windows but to say it is made for Macs is a farce. Macworld magazine recommended it and that confuses me. I called Upek and they admitted that it's "not as useful" for Macs. I asked if they had plans to improve and update the Mac function. He said probably but he's not sure when. This is not good enough for me. I got a refund.

    I will be using the Eikon Fingerprint Scanner with a Blackbook with 4 GB of RAM. Also, does it fit into laptop cases easily?

    Where did you buy your Eikon Fingerprint Scanner for Mac? The cheapest place I found was at Amazon for $49.99, $5 off of the retail price of $54.99. Where is the cheapest place to buy it? Did you buy it off of Amazon or somewhere else for cheaper? If you bought it at a place with a lower price, give me the name of the store, the price for which the scanner is being sold at and a link to the store's website if they have one.

    Thanks guys,

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    Jun 14, 2008
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    It would seem to me that with that low price it would be a good idea to buy it from a place with a liberal return policy, such as Amazon. That way you could try it yourself and see if it meets your needs rather than relying on others' experiences. They may have had different expectation levels for the product, have been impatient (not wanting to read and follow the documentation) or have been technically inept.

    I would probably think differently if the item were a thousand dollar item, but in this case just trying it for yourself is probably best. This is another reason why shopping for the lowest price on something like this may not be the best logic- the bargain basement suppliers often have crappy customer service or have limitations or return charges involved, none of which Amazon suffers from in my experience! :)

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