Eizo White Paper on glare Vs Non-glare treatment.

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by 8CoreWhore, Sep 23, 2010.

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    Thanks for the link. It confirms much of what I was thinking regarding glossy/non-glossy displays.

    Personally, when I get around to needing a new screen, I'll probably give a serious look at the Dell u2711. The color-space is phenomenal (1.07 Billion colors vs. 16.7 Million for the Apple 27"). The non-glare aspect is attractive to me as well (I'm a bit homely, so I'd prefer not to stare at my reflection all day).

    I was just looking at the Dell site last night, and the u2711 was priced at $999, but tonight it's back up to $1,099.

    Like all Apple products, the 27" ACD is a sleek bit of fine design, and as nice as it would look on my desk, I'm not convinced it's the best solution for my situation. I don't need speakers, or a camera, or even extra USB hubs. I just need a high-quality display for my design and illustration work that won't give me eye strain. The Dell seems to suit my needs perfectly.
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    Having owned the Dell you can get the same effect by buying a Cinema Display, going to Home Depot and buying a can of that spray on frost window stuff. :)

    I'm all for AG coating but its way way too much.

    Spend the extra $200-$300 and buy the HPZR30.

    The Dell coating is just too way much.
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    Dell and HP's look good on Paper

    but I'm suspect on the quality control, and easy of use when it comes to getting things properly calibrated.

    Because a glossy display is a non-starter for me the Apple displays were right out (also I don't like the 16x9 aspect ratio of the 27" for photo editing, much prefer the 16x10 aspect ratio of the 30")... so I looked really hard at the HP and then got really excited when I saw Dell release the new updated 30" display.

    But in reading the reviews for both HP and Dell monitors it was clear that while they display a lot of colors they don't do it nearly as accurately as some higher end displays and can be a real pain to calibrate and get set exactly right.

    So for me I ended up buying the 30" NEC monitor (LCD3090W-BK-SV) as it's both a LOT more color accurate but it's also quite easy to calibrate (simply attach the supplied colorimeter which is customized for the NEC display). I ended up paying a lot more than the 30" Dell or the 30" HP was initially looking at, but I need something that is pretty darn accurate with regards to color and easy to calibrate (something that I'll need to do at least once a month). Granted it's not as sexy looking at the Apple display and lacks DisplayPort and I was less than happy to pay more but I knew the NEC was the right choice.

    If you just want a big screen that looks *pretty good* the Dell and HP are fine, but if your a photographer or graphics professional take a long hard look at the reviews around color accuracy, brightness and quality control (lots and lots of people complained about the earlier 30" dell as having color cast images on portions of the screen with Dell saying that was to be expected)
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