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El Capitan installation problem on MacPro 1.1 flashed to 2.1


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Oct 19, 2020
I am trying to do a clean install of El Capitan on my MacPro 1,1 that is already upgraded to 2.1 with a working version of El Capitan currently running.
I did all the necessary things to put the installation program on to the usb.
Next thing I did was formating the hard drive where I want to install the system.
The problem occurs on the step where I have to select the USB to boot from, from that step it doesent go to the disk utility step where I could proceed to the installation process. When I select to boot from usb, current version of El Capitan boots up and nothing happens.
After I formated the hard drive, while turning on the computer I hear some " music " sound. That could be a useful info.
So... my question is. Am I doing everything alright or do I have to find a newer version of mac to install the Capitan on to that hard drive ?
Thanks for your time and replys.

Edit : I cant open disk utility at startup ciacommands.
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