El Capitan, more efficient/less efficient than Mavericks

Discussion in 'OS X El Capitan (10.11)' started by tigress666, Oct 12, 2015.

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    Ok, so I have a late 2013 Macbook. Which ran awesome until I installed Mavericks on it. Yes it was nice getting the features but Mavericks seems to be a memory hog on my computer. I mean I have max RAM and I've had it complain about running out (WTF?!, 16 gb of ram and I'm just internet browsing mostly should not kill my RAM!). It takes longer to start up now and has random pauses (it is getting worse too) when doing stuff...even typing sometimes. I'd honestly say this is my least favorite Mac OS since 8.0 (or 8.5, can't remember which. ONe of those was such a system hog that when they released the next one that fixed the problems it was a huge difference in performance. BEfore then I always attributed new OS running a little worse to it just being my computer being old. For 8.5 or which ever one it was, it was obviously a badly optomized OS).

    Have people experienced whether El Capitan makes your computers run better or worse than on Mavericks (even if it is tolerable to you I don't want to upgrade if my computer is going to get even worse. I wish I could go back to the original OS).

    Edit: I don't know why I had Mavericks in my head, it's Yosemite that is pissing me off (I guess Mavericks was what my computer had when I got it). Mavericks ran great on my computer (I think that was the one it came with).
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    I upgraded to El Capitan yesterday from Mavericks...very impressed so far and wouldn't go back :) Everything working very well...but I'm one of those that only uses his computer for email, internet, and word processing...I don't use a lot of extra software so YMMV...
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    I agree, Yosemite is a memory hog and has very little improvements compared to Mavericks. I got fed up with it and tried El Capitan but while its faster than Yosemite I am not impressed that 1. It has way too many bugs even for a .0 release and 2. Apple has removed too much functionality for me to consider using it. Unfortunately my Mac Mini 2014 doesn't support Mavericks so I am currently looking for a 2012 model. Once I find one I'm going back to Mavericks and staying there until Apple creates a worthy successor!

    Since your Mac had Mavericks preinstalled you can go back to it if you like. Its quite a lot of work if you have a lot of software but it may be worth it.

    1. Make a clone of your Mac with Disk Utility to an external drive. Be absolutely certain you have everything you need backed up to external drive!
    2. Start your Mac in Internet Recovery by pressing Command-Option-R while it boots. Next Open Disk Utility and format your Mac to GUID, Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Afterwards quit Disk Utility. If your using FileVault you need to disable it!
    3. Choose option "Instal Mavericks" and select your empty internal drive. Wait until install completes.
    4. Create new user with the same username and password as you are using now. Then instal all software and copy your files from the clone. Enjoy Mavericks!
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    Curious, what functionality did Apple remove with El Capitone?

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