Elago Glide Case (for 4/4S)

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    Howdy Folks!

    I just scored a new 4S/32GB/black, and wanted to get a cover (since it'll be traveling from PA [in-law's house] to FL [the homestead :) ], then around Universal Studios!)

    However, since I'm OOT, shipping logistics from non-Amazon direct/Prime sources to my FIlL's house were sketchy (also wasted a whole day at B&Ms who had nothing).

    So I took most of the day yesterday and researches cases again, including a ton of YT video reviews. The Electron cases are very nice looking but I was concerned about delivery to this address but more importantly, the need for a rear cover/protector combined with questionable effect on the signal (I realize some people say no problem, but just as many say "some", and my MAIN goal going back to an iPhone was +availability+and+reliability+).

    So I started shopping non metal solutions again, and was looking to spend <$25 in case I wanted to go expensive later on.

    The Incipio feather was an easy choice (love their products, NGP on the iPad), but in re-eval'ing them I stumbled into another "featherweight" solution from a really well regarded company called Elago - they make a point of indicating "Design in California, Made in Korea", so it's not some random knockoff.

    So their "lightweight" cover is kind of cool, it has a cutout for the Apple logo (provides some sort of clear cover for the logo area), price it right at like $11-12 from Amazon (Prime), but in reading and thinking if I was going to cover the phone, I'd like just a touch more coverage, which led to me check out their slightly more protective solution. I also read a dozen reviews saying what killer case it is: and you can mix/match the upper section and the lower (which comes off for using a dock). Also Prime, from $15 (one color, no extra protectors) to ~$20 for a package with two bottoms (one matching, one contrasting), plus a cloth, rear protector, front protector (I got the complete package including two bottoms)

    I wanted the rear cover to make it fit snug (according to a couple of reviews), and prevent scratches while sliding it in (very tight fit) and the couple of color options, so I went with the [latter] bundle. Went with the dark blue and orange soft touch (which includes a matching blue bottom)

    Awesome product.

    • excellent packaging
    • perfect, super snug fitment
    • rear protector a little bubble prone, no matter doesn't show, just for "in case anti-scratch protection"
    • this color is Indigo soft and orange, nice soft touch material, also has the matching blue bottom (more rubberized/shiny colors available)
    • very trim, just a touch more bulk vs. a feather, but seems to be significantly better protection (including a front lip for screen down safety)
    • cutouts are perfect, large space for charge cable, large cutout for headphones (including NCM), one long cutout for mute/volume (fully 4/4S/CDMA compatible)
    • oversized cutout for flash, and they specifically talk about it not causing reflections or any flash issues
    • excellent value (especially through Amazon)
    • smallest "full coverage" case I've seen
    • removable bottom allows for mix and match colors and for docking type devices

    If anyone is interested in pics I snap a couple, or any specific pics to show a side/cutout, just let me know.
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    Sep 15, 2011
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    OK, after spending a few days with the case (at Universal, the phone got a real workout) ... the only small negative is the headphone cutout _could_ be a bit tight on some models, but YMMV (and you could also use an extender/adapter). Apple, Shure and some old school cans with an adapter work perfect, but some mysterious brand set with a mic worked, but didn't "click" down like normal.

    That aside it's pretty perfect. It seems to strike the perfect balance between bulk, protection and style. I love the soft-feel type material, it easily wipes clean, provides better grip, but doesn't hang in your pocket or collect gunk.

    Had a +drop+ in the Hard Rock, hit on the corner, bounced up, landed flat on the back (hardwood floors). Everything still looks perfect (haven't removed it, so I'm assuming the back didn't explode :D )

    No metal, so no potential signal issues (I would think even possible improvements).

    Love the mixable bottom clips, I think I'm going to score a couple of additional colors.

    Definitely glad I went with the Glide vs. the Slim Fit, the difference in bulk vs. coverage highly favors the Glide.

    Kind of off topic: the first 9 days with the phone have been fantastic. :)
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    Hahaha, I agree! Got to make a supply run and I'll shoot some good photos with the DSLR when I get back, some comparo shots vs. a naked iP4 too (the wife's is naked ... she is ALL about the naked ... :D )

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