Electric current question (feeling it through Macbook)

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    I have no clue where to post this BTW.

    So I made this little table behind my couch, that has an outlet on the side of it with two usb chargers and a power outlet (also added a wireless charger and LED lights). When I have a lightning cable plugged in, touching the exposed part that plugs into the iPhone, and I rub my Macbook (which is plugged into a different wall outlet), I can feel a faint current on the Macbook. If I let go of the wire, its normal. Now, when I remove the Macbook's charger from it, and hold the lightning cable, I dont feel the current. I just noticed that I didnt feel anything when I took the charger off the Macbook. I switched ends of the wire on the usb wall outlet, different electric wire itself, but Im still getting that sensation. Is it maybe one of the outlets isnt grounded right?

    I now tried every plug I have in the vicinity, and Im still feeling the current when I touch the lightning cable. Im thinking maybe its just the USB outlet I have...No?


    That is the plug BTW.
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    It’s due to the grounding on the plug on your charger. You’ll get that feeling when you have it plugged in.

    Basically you’ll need to replace the plug socket bit with the older “longer” cables, as they’re earthed correctly and don’t cause the problem. One of the below rather than the one that plugs directly in:

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    I have that attached to the charger already. I took the laptop and the lightning cable to another usb wall outlet I have, and it does the same thing.
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    Question is wether the USB(A or C) Apple chargers even connect that ground-contact to the USB port.

    Otherwise you are just grounding the high-voltage part of the PSU (maybe not even that) which will make little difference to some leak current on the low-voltage side.
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    Curious if you have a multimeter and can measure this.

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