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    I'll be in Korea for several months. Thinking I was smart, I brought the big-ass APC UPS. Before I plugged it in, I contacted the manufacturer. In short, you cannot plug in a US based UPS in Korea. Fortunately, all of the electronics I own operate within 100V-240 V, 50/60Hz. To solve the problem I'm going to acquire the same UPS with Korean specifications. The only hang up is that all of the aforementioned electronics come with Type-B plugs (3 tabs: positive, negative and ground). For Korea, they use Type-F (2 round tabs with ground along outer edge). This is the same plug used in Europe (excluding UK and Ireland). So when products, such as Mac computers are sold in Europe, they come with a Type-F plug. Logical thing to do, go to Apple store in Korea and have them order the cable. Problem #1 - there is no Apple store in Korea. Problem #2 - Apple (US) tech support does not know how to acquire the Type-F cable. I'm looking for suggestions.

    Also, do not recommend installing a step-down converter from the wall to a US UPS. This is a no no.

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    For your Problem #1: There are Apple resellers in Korea.
    Have you tried Frisbee's?
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    Note that "type B" and "type F" are also called by standards names.

    CEE 7/7 is the standards name for the European plug, the standards name for the American 15 amp grounded plug is NEMA 5-15P.

    IEC-320-C14 is the three blade male socket on the back of the equipment, IEC-320-C13 is the female end of the cord.

    And of course, there's:


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