Electrical static when charging on volume buttons!


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May 8, 2010
West Midlands, England.
OK so was using my new iPhone 6 64GB black, I have a spigen light case on it. Was using it in landscape in the dark and noticed a 'buzzing'. As its been quite warm here I thought it was a mosquito or something, so thought nothing of it.

Doing the same thing today, and again I hear the buzzing. I then realise its the iPhone! It only does it when charging and I have tried different chargers (note I am using an iPad charger, but this shouldn't make a difference).

I also got a similar sensation when charging the iPad Mini Retina, but that is common knowledge anyway.

Has anyone else came across this, or can test this? Not sure if it does it on the plus?

Note this only happens when charging, and you have to run your finger lightly across the volume buttons.


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Sep 13, 2014
I always get that feeling on my MacBook Air when charging it, feels strange but I know it's normal when I run my fingers across the metal unibody.

Newtons Apple

Mar 12, 2014
Jacksonville, Florida
It is low voltage and is normal. The buzzing feeling when running your finger across the phone metal is normal. Your charger is only two prong and not grounded unless you are using the extension. I think that using the cord with three prongs/grounded, would stop the buzzing. It causes no harm.
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