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    I'm looking for a birthday present for my 84-year-old father. Just had a great idea, but don't know if it exists:
    I'd like to get him an electronic picture frame, which shows a photo-stream of my most recent pictures from my iPad or iPhone (synced via iCloud).
    Unfortunately the answer is not "iPad", simply because my dad can not operate an iPad. I've tried explaining/demonstrating it to him, but he's too old and too ill.

    The thing is: I live very far away, and I would like to let him take part in my life: those nice sunsets, our back-garden, etc... just everyday life.

    Ideally, the "electronic picture frame" would be:
    - always on (connected to mains power), i.e.: always showing an image
    - synced to the iCloud (or via another app if necessary)
    - display the most recent images (each image for a minute or so...)
    - iPad size, or slightly larger

    Can anyone think of something? Don't mind spending some bucks here, but it needs to be easy to use, and more importantly: safe to use (i.e. no cheap build quality which might cause a fire).

    Thanks a lot!!
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