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    I keep reading that Eve switches will play nice with Hue bulbs. But my question, since the new HomeKit Eve switches are wired, if I cut them off with the switch, will that kill the power to my Hue bulbs? Meaning, my schedules and such won't work.
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    Turning off any wired in light switch at the wall will cut the power to the bulbs connected to that switch. So yes, your Hues will lose power and schedules will no longer work.

    What are you reading about the Eve switches themselves playing nice with Hue bulbs? I know the Hue bulbs can be controlled from the Eve app but haven't seen anything about the switches in particular.

    I hope I don't come across as sounding very negative, but for a wired smart switch (replacing the non-smart switch on your wall) to control the Hues the way you're trying to control, it would have to essentially be a remote that is getting its power from your wall wiring and passing the power to the bulbs constantly. There are no such switches. They are all designed to control the power flow going to the bulbs connected to that particular switch. Meaning turning them on = power flow, non-Hue lights on, Hues connect to the bridge for schedules. Turning them off = no power flow, non-Hue lights off, Hues are no longer connected to the bridge for schedules.

    I think we would have to wait for manufacturers of bulbs like Hue to release their own type of wired smart switch that would control their bulbs like that.. keeping power flow constantly but pressing the switch is just telling the bulbs to turn off like a remote or app would. I'd like the same thing myself. I've currently limited my Hues to lamps for this reason. My current setup is sort of lucky as the living room was only lit by lamps, so I was able to stick their dimmer remote on the wall and actually have a switch for guests now. For all of my ceiling lights, we've got a combination of Lutron or Insteon switches.

    The closest thing you can try is an Insteon keypad with their HomeKit hub. It has 8 buttons to control different scenes. I've seen Insteon show a video of the keypad activating Hue bulb scenes, but hopefully someone else may have experience as I don't have their HomeKit hub. However, the main on/off button on that keypad will still need to stay "on" for your Hue bulbs to have power. You would then press the other 7 buttons to activate different scenes.

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