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May 30, 2007
Anyone have an EyeTV Hybrid laying around a Retina? I'm way curious.


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Jun 13, 2012

Anyone else dearly want to hook this up to Retina fun? I don't own a HDTV with this and the new RPro I just might skip it.

For HDTV, hybrid will only get you unprotected digital channels that aren't broadcast via switched digital video. What that means varies by market, but it should asymptotically approach no channels beyond local OTA.

So if all you want is local OTA, hybrid is way to go.

If you want all channels, however, you are better off either getting an HD analog capture device (Hauppauge's has much better quality than EyeTV's but you need to buy additional software) or using something like slingbox or a competitor.

I know TiVo is coming out with a transcoder for iOS and Android streaming this summer. If they plan to transcode to PCs and Macs that might be another option.

Personally if i were going to rely on my retina display for all tv, i'd get a hauppauge device and rent a DVR—just use thehauppauge to watch stuff in real time w/o recording anything, and leave the recording up to the DVR.
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