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Discussion in 'OS X Yosemite (10.10)' started by Steviejobz, Mar 3, 2015.

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    Can someone please explain the optimal use for photos app? I have dozens of folders of photos that are not a part of any app per se. I chose a subset of them to sync with my iOS devices via iTunes. Is the idea that I import all of these into Photos (and take up cloud storage space) and then I can pick and choose which to add to my device? Each folder is essentially an album and will Photos maintain that structure after import?

    In the Photos app I see that there are two options, one which keeps all the photos in original format on the mac and then an optimizer option which will store originals if space permits. Is there no way to keep all originals in iCloud and just have a thumbnail version on my mac and iOS device? I am trying to avoid have duplication of photos (the originals in their folders and then the massive Photos Library file). This was also a problem with iPhoto.

    When I go to turn on photos beta on my iPhone, it wants to erase the pictures that I synched via iTunes). Will I get those back if all said photos are subsequently imported into Photos?
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    The reason duplicates and organization was a mess with iPhoto and iTunes was the very idea that you would have to pick and choose certain photos to show on certain devices.

    With iCloud Photo Library you don't have to manage that kind of thing anymore. All your photos are on all your computers and devices. With optimize storage on, you basically get the best of both worlds since only a tiny thumbnail is stored until you actually view the photo or video.

    Think of the benefits of iCloud Photo Library with the new Photos apps as the benefits of using IMAP email over POP email.

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