eliminating camcorder buzz - any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Keebler, Dec 14, 2009.

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    Hi Folks,

    I have a VHS transferred and there's a constant low droning buzz which is no doubt from the camcorder - it's on every tape I'm transferring for this family.

    I've tried the AUgraphic EQ in Final Cut (latest version) by reducing 63 and 80 to '-20 or as far as it will go down), but it won't reduce this drone. This method works for most droning sounds.

    I tried grabbing a section through Soundtrack, but (and this is REALLY annoying), it keeps crashing. I've deleted prefs and used onyx to reorganize things, but still doesn't work. Seems to be an issue on the apple boards. It's too bad b/c the few times I've got it to work, it's been great.

    My point: any other recommendations on filters to try? This is frustrating b/c it's usually a simple fix and fixing it doesn't hamper the rest of the audio. It sounds great when it works :(

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    Apparently Garageband has a noise reducing filter. Here is a blog about it.

    There is an app that I think is called Soap that does audio cleaning. I'm not sure of its Mac status.

    I'd open Console.app in the Utilities folder and then run Soundtrack, wait for the crash and then look in the console log screen. Perhaps you'll find a hint at why you are getting the crash.

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