Eliminating OCD: MBA Impressions

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Mikeyswen79, Sep 25, 2011.

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    Summary of Points
    • The i7 is powerful enough for general Use
    • RAM is sufficient and I've never had problems, but I still want more RAM in the future
    • ALL of my programs from OSX 10.5 Lion work flawlessly except MS Office that, while performing better on OSX 10.7, has one minor glitch to work out concerning windows opening in a Full Screen App (probably a Microsoft issue and not a Lion one as this is the only program that does this)
    • LG Screen's default settings are less than ideal, but a simple calibration can easily fix this
    • OSX Lion is perfect, including no wi-fi issues or any glitches at all except one: When initially starting up, Dashboard, when set as a Space of its own, would not let me stay in it and the Stickies Widget would randomly lose text I entered into it sometimes (perhaps these two issues somehow relate)
    • Just get your MBA and stop worrying

    Hello all,

    I made a decision a few months back to post my impressions of my new computer, hoping to also alleviate some of the perfectionist paranoias we, as MBA enthusiasts, experience more than any other section on this board. It is contagious and, most of all, completely unfounded.

    I am absolutely loving my MBA. I got the MBA11 i7 1.8 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD. It is tremendously more powerful than I would ever need in my i7 CPU performance. I do only minor photo editing and find everything to work fantastically. The RAM is sufficient, but I would totally do 8 GB if given the chance only because I have this habit of having like 10 programs opened at once + a Safari with multiple tabs that I tend to not close. I have yet to see it slow at all. That is remarkable.

    Every program I used on my MB2008 in 10.5 Leopard works flawlessly, and that includes Acrobat X Pro, Adium (except they need to find another notification system now that Growl seems to be missing), Dropbox, Endnote, Hulu Desktop, Kindle, and even Accordance (a bible study software for theologians and students). I do have minor troubles with one program: MS Office 2011. The contrast between Office 2011 and things like the GUI and beauty of Safari makes the program an eyesore. In terms of functionality, it works perfectly except that, if you open Word, Excel, or PowerPoint from a fullscreen window or even sporadically when you're in a new desktop, they tend to open up IN a full screen app. I'm guessing this is Microsoft's fault, but either way there is a slight disparity between OSX Lion and Office 2011. I look forward to the day when it supports Versions and Apple's Full Screen mode (I need to see the ribbon at all times and their full screen mode doesn't give that luxury). Even so, in Leopard it used to crash EVERY SINGLE TIME I would save and quit, and on OSX Lion it doesn't do that at all unless I really work for it (constantly opening and closing it or something seems to somehow relate to this occurrence).

    In terms of hardware components, I cannot complain at all except to say that I look forward to the day when Apple builds more RAM into these things or makes it user customizable. I ended up with a Samsung SSD and an LG screen. I won't get into the SSD because I've been experiencing amazing, essentially instantaneous speed except for iPhoto's one-two second loading. I have to say that the LG screen's DEFAULT SETTINGS make it a MINOR eyesore for myself, but even it's not that bad. But this is really besides the point considering you can simply calibrate your screen and all will be well in the universe. This probably has more so to do with my previous MB screen, which I had 3 years of getting used to. I've done calibration on all my devices and it works flawlessly, I just can't figure out how to do it on here (I know how to get to it and everything, but I do not get the instructions really or otherwise can't make the Apple logo and its background all mix together like it says. Nor can I figure out how to implement other people's calibrations and use them). As an aside: I sure could use a calibration on my iPhone if I could help it.

    As for the OS, I never understood people's issues with Lion. It has been nearly flawless for me. I have no wi-fi issues, everything works as expected, and I'm loving all the new features I'm finding since coming from Leopard 10.5, like the ability to draw on documents in Preview or the new arrangement and sort options of documents. Here are the few bad things that have happened to me: For some reason, when Dashboard was set as its own Space, I would swipe into it using the gesture and it would basically push me back out. This happened when the computer was first booted and so maybe it wasn't done loading everything or something, but that caught my attention. Within the Dashboard, the Stickies Widget had a lot of information I used that randomly disappeared on several occasions, so I've been using a TextEdit document instead and have essentially not used Dashboard since because the Stickies Widget was the only thing I used.

    Overall, I have loved my MBA experience and have had no significant hick ups. The fact that I have only encountered two unresolved unpleasantries in total (one of which isn't even Apple's responsibility), when considering all the potential hardware, OS, and software issues, speaks for itself. So, if you want an MBA and have thought it through enough, just GET IT and quit worrying. :)
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    The Ivory Tower (I'm not coming down)
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    Not with the 11" model.
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    I think they stock only the i7 with 256GB SSD configuration in the Apple Stores (i.e. not the i7 with 128GB SSD) (at least that was the case when I bought mine -11"/i7/256), but you can certainly order the i7 with 128GB SSD online.

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