eMac Airport into iMac G4?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by nimraynn, Aug 25, 2016.

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    Hopefully a nice easy one to answer.

    I have an eMac, which I believe is the "Northern Lights" model. It has built in wifi, but I use it plugged into ethernet. I also have an iMac G4 which is the 17" 1GHz model. This machine has no wifi, but is in a location I can't get an ethernet cable to.

    Is it possible that I could remove the Airport card from the eMac and transplant it into the iMac? Are they likely to be the same/compatible cards?

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    Oct 17, 2014
    Yes, both use the same AirPort Extreme card. It's an easy swap to do as the AirPort card was considered a user-replaceable part by Apple.
  3. nimraynn, Aug 25, 2016
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    Awesome, I'll give it a crack and see how I get on. Saves me finding one on eBay :) Thanks :)

    Edit Wow, no kidding that's an easy swap. 12 minutes and it's done, configured and working a beauty. That included me taking the base off my eMac and looking at the RAM thinking "Where's the Airport card?" and having to Google it again :oops:
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    The eMac has probably the most "hidden" airport card of any of the models that have a user-installable card.

    Even so, I'm glad that you were able to get it swapped. This sort of stuff really is what(at least once) made Apple a great computer company.

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