eMac crt dying ?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by tangerineyum, Dec 29, 2006.

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    Feb 16, 2005
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    I have a 1Ghz emac that i bought for my mom, shes been complaining to me that the screen has been getting darker and darker regardless of what she does to the energy and display settings. So finally i do take a look at it and yes it is extremely dark. Is this the sign of a dying crt? is it worth repairing? Or should i strip it and get her a mac mini ?

    Google tells me that voltage can be adjusted on the old crt imacs, when they start to dim, would this apply an emac going on 5 years old ?
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    The mini is a great machine but you could first purchase a TFT monitor and plug it into the eMac. Set in front of the old screen and it should be good to go. I think you have to buy a vga adapter also.
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    That is what you get when you buy a computer with tons of integrated parts.

    *cough* iMac *cough*
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    yes you always bring so much to the conversation. any one else have an idea?
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    CRTs die in different ways. For example, mine died a a quick and painfuless death. There was a loud bang, smoke, and a blown circiut. There is also a slow painful death, one where the image quality will degrade until the moniotr is unuseable.

    Bottom line is, maybe its time for a new computer. Your mom probably doesn't need a top of the line machine for email and internet uses, but five yeras is a good time to think about upgrading. Hard drives break down, logic boards go, there comes a point when it all goes don hill. This machine could become a drain on your pockets.

    If you want to go new, I'd suggest a mini. Its an excellent machine if you can get a hold of a cheap display, you already have compatable mouse + keyboard. If money is no object (actually its only a cople hundred difference so..) you should think about getting the education iMac (lowest spec). I have both an iMac and mac mini, and would reccomend either to you.

    If you really want to have it repaired, get it done proffessionally. This will probably involve you shelling out a few hundred for a new CRT. The chance you can fix it isn't worth you killing yourself working with the high voltage cathode ray tube.
  6. MartyMoe macrumors regular

    He means this literally- CRTs store a huge amount of energy and are extremely dangerous when opened, and can kill you; so, no do-it-yourself options here...

    You might already know that, but considering the danger, I wanted to note it just in case.

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