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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Maleficum, Jul 1, 2006.

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    I have this recurring problem with my Mac's GB. It's not so much of a problem as just something that happens and kind of worries me.
    Okay, well, I used to have, say, 19 GB without issue, losing a GB or two for Photoshop. Then, our housekeeper's son was on my computer, and the little brat deleted EVERYTHING, I think, except the applications. I actually fixed this by reinstalling Panther (I didn't have Tiger at the time). The little brat deletes GarageBand and BREAKS my reinstall CDs for Panther so I can't reinstall GarageBand. That's okay... I went on without a lot of my stuff, I basically had to start over, which wasn't a huge problem... but it was annoying. At this point, the computer had, like, almost the full hard drive, which scared the [insert expletive] out of me. I come back after one Saturday after the housekeeper has already left, and, lo and behold: The desktop was fraught with about 70 .exe files (That obviously wouldn't work). The computer had THREE GB. Maybe I'm stupid, but I deleted all of them immediately, furious. After that, the computer had 6.23 GB.
    I Installed Tiger. I came back home after a while and had 1.36 GB ( :mad: ) . I fixed some things (Don't ask) and had 6. That brings us to what I wanted to ask you about.
    Sometimes I'll have about 8 GB, but when I open a simple application such as TextEdit, the amount goes down to about 7 or even lower. Once, even, I looked at my amount of GB in Finder, closed Finder, had to get back into Finder to open an application, and had less than I had a few seconds pryor. Why is this? Is it my computer, or is it a standard occurence?
    If you've even read this far, thanks. Any help that could aid in boosting my GB would be appreciated.
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    It's most likely normal. The computer uses free hard drive space as temporary memory. You should get all the space back after a restart. :)
  3. Maleficum thread starter macrumors member

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    I dunno... it's been several months since from the beginning of this to the end of this, and I think I've restarted it several times since then because I go out of town, etc...
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    Two solutions to the root problem

    Enable user login, with a password.


    Kill the brat.


    Too late now, but the initial instance of the kid deleting everything except the applications was more likely he renamed the User folder and/or managed to get it booting with a new user, so the items were already there.

    Look in your Users folder and see if there are any Deleted User items in there. That may account for missing drive space.

    Also, go to Versiontracker and get Delocalizer or Monolingual and delete the foreign language resources.
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    Mar 14, 2005
    Second vote for either of those two options. If someone is routinely going on your computer and stuffing it up you definitely need login protection.

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