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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by fleshman03, Jul 26, 2008.

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    Ok well my parents have a really old eMac G4 that I am going to have to fix tomorrow. They don't have a word processing program so that is the main question I have. Are there any decent free word processing programs out there? The machine runs 10.3 and here are its specs:

    Order no. M8577LL/A
    Processor 700MHz PowerPC G4
    Memory 384MB
    Hard drive 40GB Ultra ATA
    Optical drive CD-RW
    Graphics support NVIDIA GeForce2 MX with 32MB of DDR SDRAM
    FireWire Two ports
    USB Five ports
    VGA video mirroring Yes
    Modem 56K
    Ethernet 10/100BASE-T

    It used to have AppleWorks on it, but since I've reinstalled 10.3, it's no longer there. (I did a clean install.) Is there an option for it?

    NeoOffice has a 512mb Ram requirement that isn't going to be met by this machine.

    Also, the internet runs rather slow on it. I have no idea why. They have a 1.5 megabit connection. Any thoughts?

    Would it be better to run it under 10.2?
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    AppleWorks is not installed by default when you do a restore from the original disks. This is most likely due to the fact that AppleWorks is not a multi-lingual application & the installer doesn't "know" which language version you want. Apple has written two articles, Knowledge Base article 300316 on installing AppleWorks 6 & Knowledge Base article 61802 on restoring the software than came with your Mac.

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