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    I just came over to the dark-side from Android (ONLY because I had very little choice) and already I am frustrated as heck.

    I have 6 gmail accounts I need to monitor and neither the iPhone app or the Gmail app offers a simple common feature "SELECT ALL" messages so you can archive or delete or move all the junk that ends up in the inbox without going through it 1 email at a time. With 100-150 message a day it's a PITA.

    Is there something I am missing like telling SIRI to please select all my friggin' inbox messages at once! :rolleyes: :eek: :eek: :)

    I did find the "MAILBOX" app which at least allows you to archive all the messages (but it, like the gmail app) only allows 5 accounts.

    But nothing out there allows you to "select all" messages. Seems like such a BASIC feature.

    Then on top of that the iPhone native app, while it allows me to have 6 accounts doesn't do gmail push notifications.

    Anyone know if IOS 7 has added any of these features?

    I so miss the Kaiten mail app.

    Sorry, had to vent. :eek:
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    At the alternatives section.

    yes, get your act together and organise your mail. increase your global spam filters, use safe lists, block contacts, unsubscribe and so on.

    you get 150 useless mails a day and instead of thinking how you can reduce that number you concern yourself with how you can send it all to the archive everyday with a single click.

    not even going to ask why you need 6 mail accounts.

    edit: and BTW, all those 150 mails you get everyday drain your battery. so does checking all your 6 mails accounts to get them.
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    Not exactly sure if this will help this particular situation, but perhaps something from the post might be of use:

    Also, iOS 7 is providing some additional controls in the default mail app as well, although, again, I'm not sure if they will help this particular situation: and

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