Email Concerns, access control and Mobileme

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    1) Can someone explain the advantage of having Moibile synch email? Currently emails sent to us, arrive both in our respective applemail inboxes (two person houshold) and the iphone. "Sent" emails do not appear in the sent mailbox though. Will Mobileme correct this?

    2) We do NOT want to give up our email addresses in that we do NOT want to send/receive e-mail that has in it, but want the emails to have our current email address in them, when others and we see them. How can we retain the use of our existing email addresses?

    3) We will be getting a family pack. is there any way to limit (control), what each person can see For example if we give one of the remaining accounts to a family member, outside our household, can we limit what they have access to?


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    If you use an IMAP setup (for MobileMe, Gmail or any other service that lets you), all mailboxes will be kept in sync, even sent mail.

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