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Jan 25, 2014
I started having some issues with my native mail app tonight. It just started freezing. Below is a rundown of basically what's happening and what I have tried so far to fix it to no avail.

I open up mail app.
It opens to messages, it freezes. (no scrolling or ability to select mail or any features).
Sometimes I get a blank white screen.
The the mail app closes.
I tap the app again
Mail app re opens to a white screen.
No change after several minutes (unless it occasionally closes itself again).
Eventually messages appear and I'll be able to use app for a while.

I have tried deleting all email addresses from iphone as well as deleting mail from in gmail in case it's a a thing with to much mail on server. I also deleted everything in Var/mobile/library/caches and still nothing at all.
any advice would be much appreciated. I'm using an iphone 5s and it's in 7.04 if that helps
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