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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by harborgirl, Jun 22, 2015.

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    I am a long time lurker but rarely post - hoping someone can help answer a question. I had an old iPhone with ATT service. When I got a new phone I threw it in a drawer and forgot about it. Two years later I got another new phone and switched to Verizon. I've always had the same phone number on all phones. Someone got a hold of the old phone - it was not password protected - that I threw in a drawer. They have been viewing my emails (that I write on my new Verizon phone) on the old phone (that had an ATT plan). He says my new emails just pop up when he turn the phone on. Is this possible? It seems that emails written on my Verizon phone should not be popping up on the old ATT phone. The old ATT phone was on a family plan that is still active although I am no longer part of that family.
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    Yes. it's possible for them to read your email whether you're with Verizon, T-Moble, ATT, Sprint, or XYZ-Mobile Carrier, because you forgot to delete your email from the prior iPhone. Change your password on your Verizon iPhone that way it will prompt the person who has the ATT iPhone to update that phone with your new password which they won't have.
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    Both phones are set up to receive your email.

    Change your password now and that should take care of it.
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    Better yet, have THEM remove the email account from the phone. Why they didn't do that when they realized they were getting your email I don't know. Maybe you can ask them why they didn't.

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