Email madness will cause my early death!

Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by geoluv, Mar 18, 2013.

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    Mar 11, 2013
    So I have three email accounts; an ancient hotmail account, a yahoo account, and a gmail account.

    I have two Idevices; a 4s and an ipad 2 wifi.

    The 4s has the gmail exchange server set up, the ipad I just got so no go on the exchange, just have it set up the stock way in ios 6 which I guess is smtp.

    Both the hotmail and yahoo accounts are set up w stock way in ios 6, yahoo being smtp and hotmail being whatever, it doesn't say, I guess whatever that new activesync thing is. In my hotmail settings on the web interface I have "delete from server" checked.

    When I reply to an email in the yahoo account it syncs and shows as being replied to on the other device via the little curved arrow next to the email.

    In hotmail everything syncs aside from the "replied to" arrow. Also noticed when you search in the hotmail account inbox and it returns a bunch of unread emails they show up in the badge, yet when you clear the search they still show in the badge. Very annoying.

    In the gmail app there is no push on the ipad obviously, but everything else syncs fine aside from the replied to arrow, just like the hotmail account.

    I'm phasing out the yahoo account and the hotmail account but I still have to use them for the time being so I really need to know how to get the hotmail account to sync replied to arrows and figure out some way to fix the search unread email badge bug. Also I can't load more messages in the hotmail account unless I search.

    (I don't know why I'm phasing out the yahoo account, it interfaces better with ios than gmail. Push, and it syncs all 5 options: mail, contacts, calendars, reminders, and notes. Honestly if someone asked me what email client to set up at this very moment I would say yahoo, but no one likes yahoo cause gmail is seen as somehow cooler. The simple fact that reminders can't sync with google tasks makes me question my whole involvement with apple to begin with.)

    Also is there any way to sync the replied to arrows in the gmail account on my ipad? I see it has an incoming imap option that is left blank by the stock account setup. I also can't load more messages on the gmail exchange account or move emails from ther other accounts into a folder in the gmail account, but I can do both those things in the smtp gmail account on the ipad. Those two things make exchange kinda suck IMO.

    I'm trying to achieve inbox 0. Help me in my quest.
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    Jun 6, 2010
    So don't use exchange then!
    Why not forward all other emails to gmail and use the specific app designed by Google to write/answer emails...thus phasing out the hotmail and yahoo accounts as you only reply from Gmail. Surely in time recipients will realise you are using only Gmail as the replies will come from that account. Even, put a note below the signature saying this is now your permanent email.
    OR...use an account and use the stock mail app, forwarding everything else to that account like I suggested above. Perhaps it would make life easier for you....personally I had hotmail, yahoo, gmail and BTinternet accounts over the years and I just forward everything to iCloud now, use the stock app and if people cannot figure out I am only replying from iCloud, that's their issue. (In reality anyone really important or close to me would be informed of my now "official" mail anyway- so I ll always get stuff that matters direct to this account. The other accounts just seem to send me spam and junk) good luck!!

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