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    I'm looking into how I'd get something like this contracted out. A list of clients getting sent a email. The email contains a list of options. Client clicks on one of the options in the email and then an email is generated on a server with the clients option marked. Would PHP be the way to do this (I've no experience in this)? A database with all users, with unique IDs that are are embedding into the links so when the clients hit the link it brings them to a browser page saying "thanks etc".

    If this system was practical, how long would it take to set up for e.g. 700 users?
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    You can't put php code in an email, it just won't work. From what you describe, it sounds like you want the email recipients to complete a form, and then receive another email after completing the form. Yes?

    There are a few ways to do this, the best one I can think of is using an email campaign software like Constant Contact or Campaign Monitor to load your initial recipient list to and send your initial email.

    You can't embed forms in an email, email clients usually block them because of phishing and its just bad practice. I would suggest using a program such as SurveyMonkey to set up your question(s) along with the data you want to collect (email, address, name, etc). You can set this so people can only respond once (i think this is done through cookies). You can have surveymonkey redirect to a specific page after the survey is completed (a thank you page?).

    If you still need that second email sent off to respondents, maybe create some sort of script that runs for people who reach the thank you page that fires off an auto-responder email.

    A second method would be (rather than survey monkey), host the form on your own site and provide a link to it in your email. have the form fire off an email to both yourself and the respondent with the selection. This can be done with a php form.

    I kind of like surveymonkey though, it compiles all of the data for you and makes it easy to analyze.

    good luck, hope that helps
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    I believe you're better off having a "prospective" client go to your site and fill out a form. Once the form is completed and they hit the Submit button an e-mail is generated with all the forms they filled out to an e-mail address that you designate to receive the information. From there you can add them to a subscribers list and do e-mail marketing, contacting, etc.

    I have just completed a project with code for a form (we can adjust to your liking) and the code for the submit button to have the e-mail generated to you and them as well (if desired to have one shoot to them) along with helping you set it up in the right directory, etc.

    Also for an E-mail Marketing Campaign I'd suggest 1 of 2 options:
    1: GoDaddy offers E-mail Marketing for 9.99$ for 10,000 emails a month.

    2: Upgrade your e-mail to Microsoft Exchange you will get 5,000 e-mails a day to send out. You will notice however that Outlook only lets you send to about 150 addresses at a time, so you will need to create Distribution lists (which hold roughly 125-175 addresses) and 1 distribution list = 1 e-mail address in Outlook so you will be able to send out to all 700 in one shot.

    Let me know if you need more information, etc in a PM.
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