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    My wife uses a Juno email account which she has had for years. When we got the iMac we set up her email so that it would be downloaded into the Apple mail program. Everything works fine as far as sending and receiving email but in the "To" section her first name is spelled wrong, instead of Nancy it comes across as Namcy.

    I have checked all the settings and cannot see anything misspelled. This is our first Mac so not sure what else to check.

    I have checked the setting in the Juno account and if she checks her email via Juno's web site her name is spelled correctly. Any help is appreciated.
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    Go into Mail's menu item 'Window' and open "Previous Reciepts". Clear all the receipts. Plus check her name spelling in the Contacts app.
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    Thanks I tried that and her name was misspelled in contacts but even after correcting it her first name still comes over as Namcy>

    Thank you, Satcomer the fix you suggested did work after I restarted the iMac.
    Thanks again for your help.

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