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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by bodisaffa, May 13, 2005.

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    May 2, 2005
    bit minor i know but i have an animated email signature that i use when i send it to people from work (pc) they receive it perfectly fine but when i send from my mac at home it just shows up as a load of text and no picture? i use yahoo and as i say when i send from yahoo at work its fine and when i send from yahoo at home on my mac its just a load of text i have tried it with the HTML on and off anybody help???? oh and how do you if poss add a picture to your signature in the mail application on macs??? thanks in advance
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    Apr 7, 2005
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    Don't know about your yahoo problem. Do you use the same broswer at work as you do at home? Maybe that's possibly the culprit?

    As for the adding signatures in the mail application:

    'Adding a signature to your email

    In Mail, you can add prepared text (a "signature") to the end of email you send. For example, you might want to add a slogan, or your iChat account name, to the bottom of every message.

    You can add one signature to all messages automatically or create several and choose one when you compose a message.

    You can set the signature to appear above or below quoted text when you reply to email.

    Choose Mail > Preferences and click Signatures.
    Click Add Signature and enter a description for the signature.
    Enter the text for the signature and click OK. Use the Format menu to change the font, color, style, and alignment of your signature text. When you add formatting, your signature becomes rich text.

    You can also drag a picture or a vCard file to your signature. For more about vCards, click "Tell me more."

    If you want your signature to appear above the quoted text in a reply, select "Place signature above quoted text." Leave the checkbox unchecked if you want your signature to appear below the quoted text.
    To choose when your signature is used, choose one of the following from the Automatically Insert Signature pop-up menu:

    To add this signature automatically to every message, choose the signature.

    To choose between several signatures when you compose a message, choose None and select "Show signature menu on compose window" under the pop-up menu.

    To have Mail randomly select a signature, choose In Random Order. To have Mail insert each of your signatures in order, choose In Sequential Order. To change the order, drag the signatures in the list.

    You may want to create both plain and rich text versions of your signature. Then you can choose the appropriate one when sending a message in a particular format. Click Make Plain Text to remove the formatting. Include the words "plain" or "rich" in the signature names so you can easily tell them apart.'

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