Email To Verify My Apple ID??

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    I was trying to rent a movie for the first time ever on my 3rd gen Apple TV last night. It asked me to go to my computer to verify my account information and after doing that, I was still having issues.

    Today I opened Mail and saw I had an email in Gmail (I don't have this account on iPhone so I didn't see it last night). Subject is Verify your Apple ID. Body states (without the quotes):

    "Apple requires email verification periodically. You may not be able to use your Apple ID or have access to certain Apple systems until you complete the email verification associated with your Apple ID.

    To verify this email address belongs to you, click the link below and then sign in using your Apple ID and password.

    Verify now> (<<<this is a link, but I'm not posting the link here)

    Apple Support"

    The link goes to and appears to be legitimate. It is also consistent with the time I was trying to rent the movie.

    I'm pretty sure this is good but can anyone confirm?
  2. Julien macrumors G4


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    It is the email account you linked to your Apple ID and iTunes account. You should use/link your primary email account (since Apple doesn't spam or sell your email address) that you have access to on all devices.
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    No need to take a risk. Never click account confirmation/recovery links you receive in emails. There are a number of ways to obfuscate links in emails. Just type the URL into your browser yourself (or use a bookmark you have created yourself). If it contains long confirmation codes you don't want to type, copy/paste the link into the browser and carefully check if the domain part of the URL is valid before pressing return.

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