Email works with iPhone, but not through Mac Mail??

Discussion in 'macOS' started by thegreatdivorce, Mar 12, 2012.

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    This morning Mac Mail 5.2 started telling me that my password for my email account was rejected. This happens pretty frequently, because Mac Mail is fairly stupid (I have no other explanation). My settings and passwords are all correct. Usually the issue fixes itself after a few tries, or restarting the program.

    However, today, it decided that it would no longer get new incoming emails. I'm fairly sure that it's Mac Mail's problem, as I had my host verify the settings on their end. My iPhone, with the same account (IMAP, for what it's worth), has no issues pulling down mail.

    The other odd things are:

    - outgoing messages appear fine.
    - if I intentionally enter the wrong password under Account Settings, Mail doesn't throw any errors or anything, it just continues to check as usual (but never says there's any new messages)

    I've gone through and re-entered every account setting multiple times. I've gone into Keychain, deleted everything associated with Mail, restarted Mail, and nada. It doesn't even ask for me to enter a password. It's like the program has forgotten it needs one.

    Any ideas? This is driving me absolutely insane. I've been pulling what's left of my hair out for the last 7 hours already...
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    Delete all the settings and mbox and try again. I hate mail too.

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