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Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by jaded-mandarin, Mar 21, 2012.

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    This happened last night and just today.

    I use Mail for my Gmail account, with it set up on Exchange for push.

    Last night I sent myself an email from my parent's Mac. It had some info I needed for the sat nab. I opened up the email in my iPhone in the car and looked at it. Not sure what I accidentally pressed but as I glanced back at my phone it was whooshing off somewhere (bin/another folder...) Searched for a good 5 mins in vain to find its location and eventually had to get the email sent to me again. I've just checked my Gmail account in a browser and it's sat there along with the one I had resent in my inbox?

    And then this morning. I had an email from Incase regarding an order that just...disappeared. Found it in 'All Mail' but then it disappeared from there! Went into Gmail on a browser and it was sat there in my inbox..

    What's going on.
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    This has happened a few times with me as well. It seems to me that sometimes the (Archive) button doesn't play nice when you use it with GMail and on an iPhone. If you want to move the email, try just using the move folder icon and see if that works.

    Not sure what causes it but like I said, it just seems to be a bit hit-and-miss for me.
  3. Arelunde, Mar 21, 2012
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    Spotlight search should be able to locate your errant email. That's the home screen furthest to the left as you look at the screen. You can control what is searched, so check your settings to make sure email is included....

    Go to Settings > General > Spotlight search > check off email

    Edit: Archive is the Black Hole ... things there seem to disappear forever. I don't know it's purpose.

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