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    I have a website design created, however I would like to embed a blog into the site for my client to update with content. Is this possible?

    They would just be adding things like, new videos, upcoming shows and latest news. Each posting would be brought to the top which a "posted on" date. Most artist pages have these, how is this accomplished?

    Do I need to designate a certain space of the website and embed a blog code? Is this what is called an RSS feed? Or is this type of thing solely a CMS?

    Heres two examples of artist pages with my idea of an "embedded blog":
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    You don't just embed a blog.

    If you want your client to be able to edit the site, it needs to be powered by a CMS. For more experienced developers, RSS could be used in the implementation, but I recommend ignoring that for now.

    You're probably better implementing the entire site through something like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. That said, there is a learning curve theming any such system, and you need at least some PHP knowledge to do so with any real control. If you found a base theme for WordPress that is close to what you want, you might be able to get away with a largely-CSS-based solution.

    In all honesty, these are my suggestions:
    a) if the budget allows, hire a programmer who can implement your design as a theme
    b) if the budget is too small, keep the site static, and let the client come to you when they want to post something to the "blog"

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    If you use Dreamweaver, Janine Warner has a really good--and fairly easy--tutorial about how to incorporate a WordPress blog into a website(scroll down past the ads in the right sidebar). I watched her set up the whole thing in about 30 minutes at Photoshop World, and although there are lots of steps, the process is fast and easy to understand if you have worked with Dreamweaver before.
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    Joomla and wordpress are not that to hard to set up and that would be the best way to have a blog that can be easily updated.

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