Embed URL in Jpeg in E-Mail?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by FF_productions, Aug 6, 2009.

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    Here's the deal, I need to e-mail my clients a project I'm working on, but I want the link to be an image, a jpeg (or any format). How (on Mac or PC) do I accomplish this? I'd also like it to be very streamlined so that I can do this often with different links and be able to share it with co-workers.

    Thanks for the help
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    The JPG will need to be created in an external photo editor and sent as an attachment.

    The hyperlink will be accomplished through whatever mail client you're using. (You usually just right click on the image and select the "hyperlink" option).

    Also, keep in mind many email clients will not automatically display attachments in the body of an email. Nor will they automatically load images hosted on another website.

    May I ask why you would like to send an image as a link rather than a text?
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    You're going to need to write an html file (using whatever program you like; iWeb, dreamweaver, text edit, etc), then open that file with Safari and do File > mail page contense.
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    I'm being asked to do it, so I gotta do it.
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    The way I do it

    It can be done using inline CSS, as if you were creating a mail signature with an attached picture. The picture needs to be deposited in a location that all recipients can access so that as they open the email, it fetches the image from a public URL (I use my web server to hold my email signature pictures).

    Good luck.
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    iDisk and MobileMe includes easy password access, expiration date, and email within one interface.

    However, I also have several websites with ftp access. Upload the file to a directory and then include the URL (http://website.com/directory/file.jpg) in an email.

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