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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by djsound, Jul 27, 2015.

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    So once a year a client of mine asks me to embed a video on their website...and it's always a hassle. I do understand that different browsers play/like different file types and that YouTube or something is the best best bet because of this...problem is they do not have a youtube and I do not want to use mine (even in unlisted mode) because viewers could click to my personal youtube.....so....I just want to embed it. Last year I think that I used some kind of 'player' or something because it allowed it to be played on all browsers safely...but when I google now , I can not find ANYTHING like this....I guess because everyone uses youtube or something.......so my question is, does anyone know the best way to simple put a mpg or wmv on my website? thanks. =)
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    This is not actually an answer to your question, but do not put a WMV file on your site, unless you don't want Mac users or mobile users to be able to see it.
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    If you DO end up hosting a lot of video for clients I would recommend getting a Vimeo Pro account. It's $199 a year but there are a lot of features (password protection, portfolios, hiding videos from the GP, etc.,) that I find very useful for managing these embeds as well as sharing discreetly w/other filmmakers

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