Embroidery Software & Machines compatible with OS X?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by GJSchaller, Jul 8, 2008.

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    May 23, 2009
    With StitchBuddy you can open several PES versions and just drag & drop the design to a Finder's location to create a JPEG image of the design. Its integrated Quick Look support makes it easy to identify the appropriate file in the Finder.

    Just try the demo version which can be downloaded for free and tested 50 times with all functions!

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    Mac design browser

    MacEmb.com has Convert It, Mac which is a design browser for Mac. It shows all levels of PES files. And it can batch create images for the web with a click of a button. Sounds like what you're asking for.
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    Oct 13, 2012
    Will have to try this one Mattes, cheers for the help
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    Oct 22, 2012
    I'm sorry if I'm offering a solution that already has been mentioned, but I don't want to read all the pages since I'm trying to fix my own embroidery/mac problems. But, there just aren't that many embroiderers with a mac.

    I have a Viking H Class 600E wich only works with windows. My bf got me Parallels Desktop. And it works awesome! My mac didn't get any slower, my embroidery machine works and I could choose an embroidery machine with the specs I need, not the only one that works with a mac. Everything works seamless, I can use Illustrator totally for mac and pass the design on to my machine.

    I have some issues with .eps files, but that's a whole other topic, official designs work fine.
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    I have a MacBookPro; my old PC died, and no data could be retrieved, so now I am trying to find embroidery software to replace the Embird that I had previously. The Embird software dated from 2003; so I almost feel I am starting over, and I would like to know if anyone can advise me about their experiences with embroidery software on a Mac. Thank you.
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    Embird on MAc

    Have a look at PlayOnMAC. You will be able to run Embird 2013 without a VM or Windows.

    Also look at TrueEmbroidery.
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    PE-Design Next on Mac OS X 10.9 with Parallels 9.0

    I saw that SonnyBee had success in running PE-Design Next on a Mac with VM Ware.

    My question is has this been done with Parallels?

    I just purchased the full PE-Design Next and installed it on my Parallels 9.x Windows XP Professional. It installs fine and the USB drive is seen by Windows and it shows a read to it when PE-Design Next comes up. However, I get the fatal "No card writer module is connected. Please connect card writer module." error despite multiple "Retry" attempts. It seems to be the same with the other PE-Design tools.

    I have removed and added the USB device in parallels. That seemed to fix the USB not showing up at all. As I said earlier, it now shows up and I have tried it with both the USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 drivers installed and windows sees it. Although, Windows XP thinks it's a video device. Not sure why. I have included a screen shot of the Parallels VM window showing the details for the USB Card reader device. Seems that the PE-Design Next should have installed the proper device driver for this device?

    Anyone out there can help please do. Here's the gory details on versions:
    Max OS X 10.9.1 on MacBook Pro 2.8 GHz intel core2 duo with 4 Gb RAM
    Parallels 9.0.24172 - latest version
    Windows XP Professional version 2002 service pack 3 all updates installed
    Brother PE-Design Next v9.3 - latest version

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    Jul 4, 2008
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Here's an update and good news:
    1) I finally got through to Parallels support after four attempts and them redirecting me to their useless web knowledge base articles (all of which I had already tried and I told them I had already tried them but they ruthlessly stuck to their script redirecting me there. Kind of reminded me of AOHell days when once you activated you could never cancel with out an act of God).

    2) PE-Design Next v 9.3 works fine on Parallels 9.0 running Windows XP SP3. The culprit was Windows autoupdate (svchost.exe) hogging 100% of the Windows CPU which kept the automatic driver install from installing the Brother device driver for the dongle. Thus, the read to the dongle failed. After a lot of looking through the processes and getting rid of the one taking 100% and unplugging and replugging in (attach in Parallels too), the dongle driver was installed.

    3) To view this, use the Device Manager window and look at the USB devices. It should have "Brother" on it. It shows up at the "USB Card Reader Writer" as shown in the images below. Click on it to show driver details. If the driver isn't "Brother" then it won't work. You could try to update the driver but I don't know where the driver is located in the Brother program files (could probably figure it out though).

    I hope this helps. I was in a panic after spending so much $$ to purchase the newest PE-Design Next software. The last thing I wanted to do was be forced to go out and purchase an obsolete Windows based computer!


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    Embroidery digitizing & Vector art Services

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    Embroidery Machine and Software Advice

    I would highly advise against bootcamping your Mac to be able to use a PC based embroidery program. I have both bootcamped a macpro and been very unhappy with how quickly the program freezes once you are working on a larger file. It doesn't behoove you to shortlist your Mac side with the amount of space that bootcamping a Windows system.

    That said the Stitchbuddy is so limited and practically forcing you to buy designs that you cannot change so significantly in Stitchbuddy.

    PE-Design Next has been a great program. I have worked on Bernia's program and the 5D program and the PE is a smooth entry point for people just learning the software.

    I am just moving to the PE-770 by Brother for my studio use, but in the past I did work on the Quattro and the PR-1000, both of which were terrific. If you are thinking of making large embroidery pieces (i.e. well outside the 4x4 or 5x12 format) the scanning and registering technology in the higher end Brother machines are huge time savers and allow you to do alot without having to learn the old school ways.

    Here is a link for an opensource embroidery program that I am starting to check out: http://embroidermodder.github.io/news0.html

    It says it is MAC and PC. Certainly would love to hear of anyone who has had success or failure with this program.:)
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    May 23, 2009
    Beside the fact that I can hardly follow your BootCamp argument, as a bootcamped Mac is 100% PC with some drivers for Apple hardware components:

    StitchBuddy is an editor for existing embroidery designs, and never claimed anything different. It doesn't "force" you to buy designs, but you need to have some to work with, and can't create them with StitchBuddy. The Embroiderymodder project looks promising, I never realized their step to version 2 and being on Kickstarter...
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    Jan 1, 2019
    I love Embrilliance Essentials, Enthusiast, and thumbnailer. They are all fabulous. There is another program where you can add all your fonts that are not in bx format to embrilliance. I forgot the name of it.

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