Emergency FCP help importing Panasonic P2 files!!

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Kingsly, Jan 7, 2007.

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    I just finished a huge shoot. We used a Panasonic P2 Camera running 1080pA24 to a firestore drive. I then dumped the files from "CONTENTS" to my HDD. I then went into FCP and chose P2 import and, to my delight, it tells me that the directory structure is invalid. I have the "LASTCLIP.TXT" files.
    I need a fix before the firestore gets erased!

    Also... we shot with 35mm lenses and all the footage is upside-down. Is there an easy way to flip the images over without having to render every clip in the timeline?

    EDIT: I added a clips and icon folder to my directory and it seems to work now. Unfortunately, I am able to select the P2 folder but my import window is just as blank as before I selected anything.


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    I'd take a look at dvxuser.com, and if everything you recorded is flipped there's no way to flip it right side up w/o rendering it, AFAIK.

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    that's a great website with great tutorials...
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    Wow, am I late to this thread! But I'm newly registered, though a LONG time reader of these forums.

    It sounds as if you have attempted to copy files directly from FS-100 (I'm assuming you're using this with the Panasonic HVX)
    As an FS-100 user who was initially baffled by this step, you must first choose "Organize P2 Files" on the Firestore.. and then import them from FCP's Import Files option. I have no idea technically what "organizing" does on the FS-100.. but it works (and other options I have tried do not.)
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    organize p2

    does anyone have a solution for a situation in which some of the footage on the fs-100 wasn't organzized/ all the raw data is stored on a hard drive and wondering how i can import it into fcp or at least have it organized after the fact. please let me know....
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    Make a new thread.

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