emergency help needed. Can iPad 2 3G be used in Japan tsunami

Discussion in 'iPad' started by pectin232, Mar 30, 2011.

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    Can 3g iPad 2 be used in Japan networks. I think it can but I am not totally sure. I heard the ATT version can but not sure if Verizon can... as someone needs it urgently for use in the Tsunami areas to record and track and film data. Someone familiar please advise. I know the language can be changed in the settings and should work but uncertain. Thanks
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    I don't think the Verizon version of the iPad 2 can use the 3G network in Japan. But the AT&T version of the iPad 2 can because the AT&T version is the GSM/UMTS network (which is a much more widespread technology) while the Verizon version uses CDMA network which is not widespread at all.

    So, if you want to use some of Japan's 3G networks, then you're out of luck with the Verizon iPad 2.
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    There are CDMA carriers in japan, so it should work on a technical level, but you'd have to talk to the carrier as far as getting it actually setup (since the iPad 2 isn't even released there yet), don't forget they can also use wifi if there is any in that particular area (kinda doubting it)

    The easy thing about using devices with SIM cards (like the at&t version) is that you can just buy a sim card at like a gas station or something and pop it in and it will work. with cdma you have to contact the carrier.
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    Softbank, the iPad/iPhone carrier in Japan, has been extremely proactive in tsunami relief efforts. Your friend should just get in touch with them and explain what is needed. So far, they've given away iPhones/iPads for use in relief/communications, pledged to replace any iPhones lost or damaged in the tsunami/earthquake for free, and offered to provide free cell phones and service to tsunami orphans until they are 18.

    http://twitter.com/#!/masason (posts are in Japanese)
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