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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by emtiyazalysx, Oct 24, 2011.

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    Oct 24, 2011
    I bought this iPhone 3g16gb from a guy and for that i paid money i summed over a lot of time. Now he had firmware 3.13 installed and jail-broken with cedia installed. I had the idea not to upgrade so i did a hard reset and things just started to get worse from there. I waited alot for the apple logo and loading circle to go off but after 3 n a half hours i was fed-up with it so i disconnected it and used iREB 4r to reboot it. it did so then went into recovery mood, then i used tiny umbrella to get out of recovery mood so it did and went into emergency mode with a lock on top and slider. i tried to restart and after restart it didnt went on i pressed the required buttons for iTunes to detect it and it did, now the problem is that it is not getting into dfu mode so that i can upgrade it with sn0wbreeze i have the firmware i have tried a lot and i still have the emergency mode on leaving me in a weird condition.
    help me out here... I am using dell inspiron n5010 laptop with x64 bit architecture.
    and my iphone specs are:

    Device Model: MB500B/A - iPhone3G

    Installed Firmware Version : 4.1

    Based Baned Version: 06.15.00-6.4_M3S2

    ECID(Dec): 2447091332556

    ECID(Hex): 239C20275CC

    IMEI: 011809005072591

    Serial Number: 88914D1X1R4
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    Wow, he really posted his specs. Definitely not the smartest thing one can do.
    SUGGESTION: edit your post and remove your specs soon!

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