'Empty Trash' has dissappeared...

Discussion in 'macOS' started by KeithPratt, Jun 2, 2007.

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    Mar 6, 2007
    When I click the Finder menu the 'Empty Trash' option is missing. What the Hell is going on?

    'Secure Empty Trash' is still there, and working by the looks of things.


    I had five visible items in the trash — an app called ZeusDraw and its associated files. (I used a trial of AppZapper to put them in the Trash, if that's of any relevance.)

    I hit 'Secure Empty Trash', and it started to delete them. It said "Items to delete: 13" (one of the five was a folder if you're wondering), and then it seemed to get stuck on 'Items to delete: 12'. After a few moments of hearing little HDD noise and the fan getting louder and louder, I clicked the 'x' to cancel. Maybe not a good idea.

    Then I opened a trial version of 'DestroyerX' and clicked 'Shred US DOD'. This got seemed to get stuck too, as the HDD quickly stopped and the fan got louder. I gave it a bit more time and then Force Quit the app as it had stopped responding. Maybe not a good idea.

    I took the files out of the trash and put something else in, and it Secure Emptied without a hitch. I then dragged the ZeusDraw files back to the trash and managed to successfully Secure Empty them.

    I think I clicked regular Empty about half way through this chain of events to see if that would work (it didn't), but can't remember at what point.

    And after all this I find myself in the position described in the title. When I click and hold the Trash icon it comes up with the 'Empty Trash' and 'Open' options, but when I select Empty Trash it does nothing.

    I'm running a 10.4.9 on a MacBook, and haven't downloaded the OS updates issued a couple of days ago. I had started ZeusDraw up just prior to deleting, but had closed it down as I normally would, and there was a good couple of minutes then before I Trashed it.


    Edit: I was just about to add some info to this post that I missed, and in the process has a lightbulb-above-head moment and solved my own problem (despite having spent the last two and a half hours trying to figure it out). If you're interested I remembered I clicked 'Disable Trash' in 'DestroyerX'. It may seem obvious, but I had assumed this option only did something within the application.

    Now how do I delete this?
  2. SC68Cal macrumors 68000

    Feb 23, 2006
    This is why I don't recommend applications like Cocktail, OnyX, MacJanitor, etc.....

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