Encoding iTunes Films With Subtitles

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by JamonBull, Dec 14, 2009.

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    Dec 14, 2009
    Ok so I searched this topic before posting and saw that there are some similar threads, but nothing with any definitive answers on the best way to go about finding subtitles to add to existing iTunes movies. Obviously, we all know tech heads are a bit up in arms about Apples policy on closed captioning for iTunes film downloads, but until they do something about that, I guess those of us who need foreign language subtitles or any other form of closed captioning, need to go about adding them ourselves.

    I understand there are a few steps to this process. The first step being to find a subtitle file (.srt) online.

    The second step is to merge this file with an existing movie file (in my case movies downloaded from iTunes) with a suitable program (the pick of the litter seems to be Submerge).

    I understand the second step perfectly well, and have no problems with that. The problem I'm having is actually finding a decent online database for .srt files. The ones I have found all claim to be 'the biggest' etc...but are kinda pathetic tbph...especially in relation to what I need, which is Chinese subtitles.

    So...what sites are you guys using to find your movie subtitle files? Anybody know any decent ones for chinese subtitles?

    P.s. I am a native English speaker, and my GF is Chinese...we both love movies...but have a HECK of a time finding english movies with Chinese subs...I figured the easiest way would be to sub english movies myself by finding Chinese .srt files and encoding them onto iTunes movie downloads...
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    I'd love to know this, as well.

    However, I don't really like submerge because it basically puts the subtitles on the movies permanently.

    I wish there's a way to do "true" closed captioning (put it inside the .mp4 container so that you can turn it on or off in iTunes).

    But until then the best way to watch captioned movies aside from DVDs is to pirate them, sadly.

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