encrypt NSString with MD5 and specific key

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by macdan56, Oct 29, 2012.

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    Oct 29, 2012

    i have a key that i want to us and run the key with MD5 ON A sTRING OBJECT

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    MD5 is a Message Digest algorithm, not encryption. It doesn't support use of a key.

    The simplest way to understand the difference between a message digest and encryption is that encryption is invertible: it allows recovery of the complete original message (the plaintext or cleartext), when decryption is performed with a suitable key. By contrast, message digest algorithms are designed to be non-invertible: the contents of the original message cannot be recovered by any computation performed on the output (the hash value).

    To encrypt or hash an NSString, using a suitable algorithm and key, look at the NSString methods that return NSData objects. A returned NSData is a series of bytes in a particular text encoding. The text encoding is passed as a parameter to the method that returns the NSData.
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    I uploaded a zip with source files for MD5 encryption on NSString.

    If you put the sourcecode in your application, do the correct #import.
    You should be able to call
    NSString *md5string = [whateverStringToBeEncrypted md5];
    Then your new md5string pointer will contain the md5 encrypted version of whateverStringToBeEncrypted.
    Please do mind, there are several different MD5 encryptions, in this case 16 & 32 bit..
    They are both in there, just comment the right one out (currently configured for 32 bit).

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