encyclopedia/software for macbook for 12 yr old....

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  1. danielpicasso, Dec 6, 2010
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    all: my 12 yr old has a macbook and I am looking for brain cell stimulating software like encyclopedia software (although its all on web) or any other creative interesting software for a xmas gift:


    (BTW her dad just treated himself to a new 15" mbp:apple:!) ......:cool:
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    In the category of brain stimulating, I'd recommend a mind mapping application. FreeMind is free and works well. Inspiration is often used by schools (not free), but toggles nicely into outlines. Shop around for a student discount making it $50.

    I'd also look for knowledge management software software such as Yojimbo by Bare Bones, Circus Ponies Notebook, or DEVONthink Personal. The two last programs have academic discounts bringing them into the ~$30 range.

    I'll get back when more comes to mind.

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