End of Apple rant.

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  1. Wheeler, Oct 29, 2012
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    End of Apple rant.

    10/29/12- I am seeing the start of the end for our vastly beloved apple. And it is their own fault. The products from the last few years are so good, they are making yearly replacement unnecessary. What can’t my iPhone 4S, iPad 2, MBP and iMac do that the new ones can? Siri on the iPad- who gives a ****? The one thing I wanted and would wait in line for, the 13” retina pro- has less memory than the regular pro, soldered on. Since when does the best macbook have worse specs than the cheaper one? Thats right Apple- start firing people cause your ****ing up. I don't care about maps or most of the crap the press jumps on- I feel the new maps is a vast improvement- your ****ing up cause your not wowing me anymore. The closest you got was the new thin ass iMacs- which is cool until you realize it does nothing for you. You cant see the side when your using it- and its on a desk, not in your hand, so who gives a ****? iPad mini- might buy one- would have if it was cheaper. And its not about Kindle Surface or Nexus- I haven't even considered looking at them- but what does the mini do for me that my iPad 2 doesn't? If Steve would have presented it- he would have told me why I need it. No one is telling me why I need these anymore- they just go over the specs. Forget about Steve’s vision for a second and think about how he was also the best salesman on the planet. Apple may still be releasing products with Steve’s approval- but he is not releasing them. I wouldn't buy **** from Tim. What happens when they venture into new completely post Steve products without Steve presenting them? Im not sure anyone is going to care anymore- or perhaps not for long.

    Jony Ive is the Rockstar of Apple- it has to be all him shortly or AAPL is doomed (admit you could give a **** about Tim Cook)

    I have a handful of electronic products I use everyday- half of them are apple, and the other half apple isnt in the market- TV, Cable Box, Stereo, Home Automation, Car. Do some cool **** with those things! Yeah I know tv and cable are a tough market to negotiate, but make a sweet ass apple stereo! Everyone and their mother has some sort of receiver- and while there are some powerful, great receivers out there, they are all relatively dumb. Even the “smart” ones suck- ever used Denon’s app? yuck.

    So my point is I see little area for more than specs bumps for the current apple line up- they need to enter new, obvious, big markets to keep up with the trend. People are going to realize the iDevice they have still does everything they need, and stop buying new ones. Bring out the iStereo and iAm back in line.

    Note: This all come from someone who like the new earPods so what the **** do I know...

    getting me some Philips bulbs- thats new fun stuff...

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    Bernard SG

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    And your point is being disproved again and again at each release of a new generation iPhone or iPad. The latest iteration routinely sells more than all of the models before cumulated.

    Will Apple's juggernaut come to an end? Yes, of course. Everything does. But not any time soon, that I guarantee you.
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    I don't have a stereo receiver. My mother doesn't either.
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    If Apple starts making stereo receivers then I will post one of these threads.
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    Gee I know we all have shortened attention spans these days but our latest pre-orders have not even been delivered yet, so bumping the Apple death knell count seems pretty ludicrous to me.

    I got my 5th gen iPod touch two days before delivery was scheduled, probably because FedEx rather not have it in a submerged warehouse in Binghamton, probably (I think maybe Binghamton did not get flooded either though). This iPod is definitely a nice piece of gear.

    I'm so completely not ready to sign onto the idea that Apple's halfway to the morgue. Let me at least get that iPad mini in hand first and see if I want to change my mind... ;)
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    Aug 24, 2009
  8. FlatlinerG macrumors 6502a


    Dec 21, 2011
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    I think you're more or less explaining the end of product differences and the beginning of an overstocked, undefined, mass of products from every company.

    The biggest thing going for Apple at this point, is the company name. It's what sets the iPhone apart from all other smartphones out there, to the average consumer that is.

    Apple is not trending downward, we're just seeing big companies get bigger and flood the markets with the same product. Brand name/image is everything.
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    Whatchu talking about, Willis? Stereo receivers are as common as houseflies and just as ubiquitous. Pretty much ever car sold in the past 2 decades comes with them standard. Most clocks have them built in nowadays. Of course, I prefer to call them radios.
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    I believe OP was talking about home theater/home stereo receivers.
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    K- after sobering up and thinking about this, I have figured it out. Apple is still releasing incredible products at a breakneck pace, but I am married with children now and can't buy them all right away anymore, so I am convincing myself they are small spec bumps because I can't get them yet. I have no reason to believe 2013 won't blow 2012 out if the water...

    So I now ask- what market other than TV should apple expand into/reinvent next? I only mentioned stereos as I think it is a common household electronic that could use an apple makeover, but admit doesn't fit with their lineup. (Other than tv cause that discussion has been had).

    Where else can/should they go next, or just stick with what the current line?
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    Did you predict the iPhone? The iPad? Could you have predicted them from where Apple was at the time?

    At the date of the public announcement, did you think, "This will definitely be big", or was it more, "Might work, might not; let's wait and see". Even if you thought it would be big, did you think it would vault them to such heights as they have now?

    Unless you can consistently and accurately predict Apple's wins and losses, then trying to predict what they'll try next, or their success at it, is a loser's game. As a reality check, think of all the things they tried that didn't work, or only worked after a couple of iterations. If you can't think of any, then that alone suggests you're missing some things.

    And why worry about predictions anyway? Seriously, unless you have some reason for going long or short on their stock, even great predictions can go wrong for unforeseen reasons. Because it's not just the prediction, it's the timing.
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    Where am I???
    You need a hobby. I suggest juggling or beekeeping.

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