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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by bear1973, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. bear1973 macrumors member

    Jun 28, 2006

    Does anyone here use Endicia's mail client for Mac? I love it, but I just switched computers and lost my entire mailing log - not the end of the world, but I can't find the file anywhere to restore it. I backed the old computer up with Time Machine, but I have no idea where this file is. I was told by Endicia support that it's called "mailinglog.plist", but again, that's nowhere to be found.

  2. SR2Mac macrumors regular

    Mar 6, 2012
    Well to be the technical support for Endicia (even though I'm not), and for as long as you had to wait to finally get an answer, here it is - FINALLY !!! :)

    Download and launch: Show Hide Invisible Files (SHIF) (version 1.6) found here:


    Once SHIF 1.6 is launched, press "Show Hidden Files," then your hidden files will now be "greyed out; but still viewable. You're now going to go to open your boot (or main) HD (or SSD), find and go to > Users > Name of your HD (or SSD) > Library (it looks faded, because it's hidden, but now it's found because of SHIF v1.6) > Endicia (now just grab that folder and drag it to the same exact place where it was located on your new HD (or SSD). If you're Endicia for Mac app is open, quit out of it, relaunch and your Mialing Log should be there.

    If it's not too late already, hope this helps...

    PS - Never be concerned or fearful if you're not satisfied with the help you did not feel you received from tech support departments like Endicia. If you have to ask for the supervisor over the tech person helping you as that will usually solve the problem. Just tell the tech person that you're speaking with that it is not their fault, but you want to speak to someone OVER them that CAN help you. That forces them to go the extra mile and do what they're paid to do... their job. This will even help the tech person that is there learn even more for the next person that goes through this... LIKE ME !!! :D Even though the help you're receiving is located in another country (you'll be able to tell by that person's accent where they're located) and not here in the US and English is not their native language. You will eventually get the help you're seeking... Later... :cool:
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    Apr 6, 2010
    I know your question is close to a year old, and that older reply may have worked for a time, but I found an easier solution to your (and anybody else's) problem:

    1) Start the Endicia program (in Mac of course)

    2) then select the icon (button) that says Mailing log (on the program itself NOT from the pulldown menu)

    3) NOW go to the TOP of the pulldown menu entitled Mailing Log (while the mailing log part of the program is active)

    4) then select - Archive… Then put it in a folder (or USB stick) where you can can have access to that file

    5) Save it as MailingLog (or whatever you want to call it)

    6) Then use that USB stick and plug it in your Mac system (that you want to now use) and transfer the MailingLog.plist file that you just saved onto the USB stick (or if you don't have a USB stick you can e-mail that MailingLog.plist file to yourself and retrieve it from your other machine that you want to use)

    7) Go to your other Mac system and put the USB stick (that you saved the plist file on or emailed yourself) and from there put the MailingLog.plist on your desktop or other folder on your system where you have direct access to.

    8) Now go to your Endicia app on and go to the pull down menu where you see Mailing Log and select - Restore…

    9) Hit enter and you should be done...

    Now the Mailing Log should be on your other system that you want to use. Hope this helps...

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