iPod Ending Speculation about iPod and USB 1.1


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Oct 5, 2005
For a long time I held off from buying an iPod because of fears it would be too slow when synced with my PowerBook since it only has firewire and USB 1.1. However the temptation to buy my wife a new nano as a present was too strong to avoid.

For those that have the same fears I would like to give you some real world figures:

(1) A whole album takes about 2 mins to sync over USB 1.1

(2) A gigabite takes 20-30 mins

Of course if you have 80 gb on your hard drive that you want to sync with your brand new ipod this is going to take time, but if you are dragging and dropping albums into a syncing playlist - as you do with a Nano - then the time taken is not at all long. And, once the songs are on your ipod they stay there, so it only takes the time to upload them once remember.

I hope this helps some people who have held off on buying an ipod thinking that they need to buy a new Mac.


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Jul 4, 2005
ipwn00bs said:
shame that Apple dropped support for firewire for the Nanos and Videos. :(
but i think u can find some non-apple cables that'll do the trick
Yeah, that cable WILL NOT do the trick.

There is no possible way to transport data to the new iPods using Firewire. It can only sync via USB. That cable is similar to the cable that used to come with 3G iPods because they couldn't charge via USB but they could sync via USB. So if you had a Windows PC with USB 2.0 only you'd plug the firewire port of that cable into the included wall charger and then the USB port of the cable into the computer.

That cable will not convert Firewire signals into USB 2.0. You need a dedicated processor to do the conversion - essentially another computer - hence to do so is prohibitively expensive.

Please ensure that the information you are posting is correct next time, yes we are a rumour site but when you're posting plain old information it needs to be right.
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