Enrolling as iOS dev - why Step 2?

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    I registered as an iOS developer yesterday and also already completed my online purchase. Unfortunately, the status on developer.apple.com switched from "Purchase and Activate" to "Identity Verification" which seems to be company based even though I am enrolling as an individual. Also, it has taken some serious time now and I have not gotten an email yet. What am I supposed to do, especially since I was told Apple processes developer applications for individuals within minutes after registration?
    Do I have to cancel the online order and start from scratch?
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    Normally, if everything goes correctly, Apple can process an application (of an individual) in a matter of minutes. But, for some reason, Apple suspects your identity in the application process. Did you use your own credit card? Does the information from it match what you supplied during the application? That's a pretty normal reason for a delay in the processing.

    Anyways, I would not reapply; I would be patient and wait for Apple to contact you, if they need to, to confirm your identity.
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    What happened to me years ago was that I had a middle initial on my credit card but they have me as Michael Flynn - that little discrepancy meant I had to call them and deal with verifying my identity. Not a huge deal, though I've never had that problem with Apple purchases or anywhere else for that matter.

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