Enterprise license "in the mail", but too late

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by tuartboy, Jan 14, 2009.

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    Hey everyone.

    I work on an iphone application that was designed for a large corporation (I'll call them Corp X) who is currently attempting to deploy phase 1 of the project. I have been telling their people to purchase the enterprise license since the start of the project (6 months ago), and they just got around to it... last thursday. Well, needless to say, the big event that we are deploying at on starts tomorrow and Apple is still in the "processing" stage.

    So, I'm in a bit of a hard place right now.

    We have been developing and testing the application all along on my single developer license and we have the benefit of never needing to push any updates or track the ipod/iphones of the users (part of the phase 1 requirements), so I could just load them all up on my license with provisioning profiles that I create and do it that way. It would be for about 150-200 devices. Would this work? I know the banned podcaster app did it this way for a while and I'd like to kind of do the same thing.

    Don't you have to change the code and recompile the app after 100 devices? I'm going to be honest and say that I am not really the coder, but I am tasked with the duty of being at the conference and manning the desk. I know my way around Xcode, however, so I can make minor changes and recompile. How would this work?

    I'd really appreciate any information. I know Corp X would be fine with buying 10 new single dev licenses if they had to, so I just want to know the best way I can make this work.

    Really appreciate any help. Thanks!
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    100 devices total may be the max for all apps together under any one dev certificate. So recompiling or creating another app won't help. And you can no longer replace devices, so broken/lost/exchanged devices will count against your personal 100, including your own.

    Maybe a company exec can quickly apply as an individual developer, and you can use his/her account?

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    Makes sense. Although, how was the Podcaster guy doing it? I know he definitely sold more than 100 apps using that technique.

    Yeah, that's doable for sure. Turns out I have 1 more day than I thought, so I'll check on things tomorrow to make sure there's no other way than to manage multiple accounts.


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