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    Jan 13, 2010
    Our CIO first said he did not want to support iPhones as he could not secure them behind the RSA firewall like he can with Blackberries. I showed him that RSA actually has had an iPhone solution for several years.

    Now he is saying that he will not support iPhones because he can not push out fixes and applications to the iPhones like he can with Blackberries through the Blackberry Server.

    Clearly, he just does not want to be bothered; but there must be a solution to his comment.

    Any thoughts ? How do other firms do it ? Or, do we have to wait for the iPhone 4G software to address this issue.

    We are a law firm of 200 lawyers and I must believe that this issue has been addressed before ????

    HELP I really want to keep my iPhone !
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    Jan 13, 2010
    thanks ! Please let me know if you hear anything about iPhone 4G

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